Project Consultancy Services

Engineering and consulting help in optimizing and up-scaling the performance of production processes.

Electrotherm has always focussed on improving the customer processes which enables them to lower operational expenditure. We leverage our global network to provide the best solutions. We help customers in increasing plant performance and reducing conversion costs to support the quick and proper selection of feasible improvement measures. Our in-depth technology consulting services help customers to achieve and maintain high standards in product excellence.

With over three decades of experience in the complete integrated end-to-end metal making and melting solutions, with core strength areas in the engineering, installation, erection, and commissioning of steelmaking plants across the globe. Our professionals are highly skilled in identifying potentials for improving plant performance in the course of performance checks. Detailed reports and analyses are prepared and recommended to optimize processes, equipment, and raw material quality to obtain the desired customized output. Adapting to the solutions offered, customers can ensure highly productive, energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and cost-effective finished products permanently.

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