Iron & Steel Making

Electrotherm has supplied more than 5000 Induction melting furnaces and completed more than 25 turnkey projects in India and globally including Coal Based DRI Plant, Submerged ARC furnace, and mini-steel plants.

Setting up a new project demands a huge amount of insight and foresight. And the rightful combination for the same lies with team Electrotherm. Having a top brass that has spent more than a decade and a half with Electrotherm, apparently gives us an ocean of knowledge and experience that is put to use for the customer’s requirement.

A turnkey project is not supplied of just the equipment on order, but quite a lot more than that which includes, and is not limited to, designing choreography of the entire plant for smooth material movement to a selection of right equipment required for the plant and even indicating the type of manpower and man-hours required to execute the project.

We start with visiting the actual site and indicating the optimum space that would be required for setting up the plant. And after assessing the soil test report of the site, layout and shed drawings are generated. Electrotherm Projects Team engineers constantly engage with the customer and site visits are conducted to supervise the civil work. Auxiliary equipment is outsourced from the “best source” available in the industry with an unbiased approach and professionalism of the highest standards keeping in mind the welfare of the project at large. Necessary care is taken to ensure compliance with all statutory norms of the local industry and steer the project accordingly.

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