Induction End Bar Heater
Induction End Bar Heater

Induction End Bar Heater

The process of bar end heating refers to heating the end of the bar or selected portion of bar for forging operation.

The induction end bar heater is provided with an energy-efficient digitally controlled IGBT-based power supply unit with built-in reliability and guaranteed performance. Fully tested single master digital control board for easy maintenance and direct replacement. FPGA-based fully digital control with LCD screen. Standard design with 6 pulse or 12 pulse converter. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metal and single as well as both end heating applications. 


  • High energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Optimum forging temperature.
  • Rapid start-up.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Higher quality output.
  • Increased die life.
  • Negligible scale loss.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Low running cost.

Model # Induction End Bar Heater
Bar size Round 16 mm to 120 mm
Power rating 50 – 1500 kW
Frequency 500 Hz – 30 kHz


We convey our sincere thanks and our appreciation to M/ s Electrotherm family for the development, realization, testing, qualification and commissioning of 10 MW power supply system for our Plasma Wind Tunnel facility. We are extremely glad that M/ s Electrotherm has taken up this challenging task, when no such system was existing in the country. We wish, we should have many more such collaborative ventures in future with M/ s Electrotherm and contribute to ISRO's futuristic advanced R&D programmes.
Mr. P.A. Krishnamoorthy, VSSC-ISRO
Hereby we feel glad to have 4000 KW/ 10 Ton DTi Furnace set along with HSMC lX Caster. We have commissioned this equipments in our plant on 21st May 2018 & found performance which was committed by Electrotherm was achieved. Electrotherm's project execution was extraordinary & their process understanding & support was remarkable. Looking to the performance of other equipments of other makes running within our group, we have found performance of Electrotherm make DTi Furnace to be best.

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