IGBT Inverter
Ignite Inverter


These compactly built power supplies adopt digitally controlled based IGBT Inverter design and are available at power ratings from 25 KW to 1500 KW and frequency range of 500 Hz to 10000 Hz. A near-unity high power factor of (>0.98) is achieved throughout the melt cycle. Field reports indicate a reduction in energy consumption of up to 3 % due IGBT based design. The system provides 100% isolation from input power in case of a short circuit at the output. Modular design facilitates easier maintenance and component replacements. An optional touch screen HMI-based front control panel is provided for easier access and view.

Electrotherm Ignite
  • IGBT inverter having the latest innovative and efficient technology.
  • Short-circuit-proof power circuit to work at any load condition.
  • FPGA-based fully digital control with color touch screen operator interface.
  • Near unity power factor (>0.98) at any power level and any metal level.
  • Constant output within a specified range of input voltage variation.
  • Exceptionally stable electronic control circuit.
  • Built-in dynamic demand controller for efficient use of energy.
  • User-programmable auto-sintering cycle.
  • User settable dual power limits and frequency to meet most industrial requirements.


  • Generation of specific reports for ease of maintenance and fault diagnosis.
  • Detailed logging of electrical parameters for further trending and analysis.
  • Customized production report.
  • Continuous monitoring of water conductivity with preset alarms and tripping at two levels.
  • Earth leakage protection with adjustable leakage current level.
  • The setting of electrical parameters from HMI.
  • Highly user-friendly system.
  • Globally accessible equipment through Ethernet connectivity.


We convey our sincere thanks and our appreciation to M/ s Electrotherm family for the development, realization, testing, qualification and commissioning of 10 MW power supply system for our Plasma Wind Tunnel facility. We are extremely glad that M/ s Electrotherm has taken up this challenging task, when no such system was existing in the country. We wish, we should have many more such collaborative ventures in future with M/ s Electrotherm and contribute to ISRO's futuristic advanced R&D programmes.
Mr. P.A. Krishnamoorthy, VSSC-ISRO
Hereby we feel glad to have 4000 KW/ 10 Ton DTi Furnace set along with HSMC lX Caster. We have commissioned this equipments in our plant on 21st May 2018 & found performance which was committed by Electrotherm was achieved. Electrotherm's project execution was extraordinary & their process understanding & support was remarkable. Looking to the performance of other equipments of other makes running within our group, we have found performance of Electrotherm make DTi Furnace to be best.

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