Hydraulic Grab

Hydraulic GrabProductivity Improvement Eq.

  • Charges almost 4 times the volume of scrap than electromagnet
  • Much less power consumption as compared to electromagnet of equivalent capacity
  • No damages involved in case of electricity failure which is very problematic in case of magnet
  • Reduces operations of EOT cranes
  • No risk of insulation failure
  • No risk of “duty cycle time limit” crosses over
  • Handling scrap with electromagnets on furnace platform reduces life of platform as magnetic flux of electromagnet pulls up the reinforced steel rods inside concrete slab. This does not happen with electro-hydraulic grab
  • Simple electrical RDOL starter circuit
  • No need of isolation transformer, diodes, electronic components
  • Excellent on measures of MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
  • Ease for both maintenance as well as operation people
  • Lesser dead weight then equivalent capacity of electromagnet on the crane