Air Pollution Control System

Front View of Air Pollution Control System

Air Pollution Control SystemIron & Steel Making

Air pollution is defined as the addition of various hazardous chemicals, particulate matter, toxic substances and biological organisms into the earth’s atmosphere. In view of the several factors that attribute to air pollution, what comes from industries and factories is often considered the prime contributor to air pollution. According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (a.k.a. EPA), it has been found that industrial pollution accounts for approximately 50 to 70 percent of the pollution. There are several serious ecological implications and health risks associated with industrial air pollution.

Electrotherm clean air solutions offers pollution control systems for Induction furnace, AOD & LRF.

Government Norms & Regulations

  • Pollution Norms are becoming more and more stringent for steel plants/ Foundries.
  • Installation of Air pollution control system will become mandatory.
  • Presently in Goa, Chhattisgarh & west Bengal the norms is < 50mg/Nm³ and in other states it is less then < 100mg/Nm³. But it is expected that all will go to < 50mg/Nm³.

Benefits to Customer & Operating Staff

Accident cases may reduce. The cost of the system will be very less in comparison to savings in the operating expenses of bigger range furnaces. Workers working efficiency will improve.

Fume Gas Systems

Fume Capturing Hood – Catch it before it runs out!

Electrotherm’s specially designed fume capture hood capture the fume gas before it expands into the atmosphere.

We are offering:

  • Dish Antenna type Fume Capturing Hood
  • Double Action Fume Hood,
  • Canopy Hood
  • Dog House etc.

Unique Features

This is the type of fume capturing hood which will capture at least 85% of the fumes, where conventional feeding methods and Hanuman is used Common hood for two crucibles

Double Action Fume Hood

Unique Features

  • It can be tilted on both sides of furnace for ease of operations
  • Designed specially for back tilting type induction furnaces
  • Can be used with regular induction furnaces
  • Can be operated to suitable degree for processes

Fume Gas Filteration Systems

Unique features of ET cassette filters

  • Modular design – for easy adaptability of cassette-type filters to specific floor space requirements
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Due to the reverse air flow cleaning method, the filter bags have longer service life
  • Spring-lock mechanism on doors and cassettes ensures fast and easy replacement by only one person
  • Minimal residual dust in cleaned air, well below permitted emission rates due to optimal efficiency of filter media in conjunction with reverse air flow cleaning system. Our filter consists of dirty air inlet and distribution.
  • Low energy consumption cost due to filters employing low pressure reverse air cleaning
  • Increased bag life and low operating maintenance cost
  • Reverse air cleaning offers low emission rates due to optimal efficiency of filter media
  • Modular design offers standardization of component parts with high quality standard
  • Only one person is needed to operate the door and remove the complete set of cassettes with distant mat
  • Top entry of gas completely eliminates the re-entrainment that is predominant in hopper gas inlet
  • Top inlet with distribution manifold ensures even gas distribution inside the filter
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested filter components ensure quality

Venturi Scrubbers

Electrotherm offers a range of technologies for various dust emission sources in iron and steel plants. The main goal is to protect the environment and people as well as to fulfill stringent environmental regulation.

Unique Features

  • It can handle any type of furnace fumes from any scrap quality
  • It can handle any type of furnace fumes from any scrap quality
  • Flexible on flue gas temperature & moisture content
  • Require small area for installation: typically 15 sq meters of space
  • Have an ability to remove SO2as well as particulate matter
  • It can collect sub-micron as well as coarse particles
  • Minimal moving parts to maintain
  • Both particle collection and absorption of gases, vapors, etc. can be done at the same time
  • These high efficiencies are achieved at a low pressure drop
  • Lowest power consumption against comparable methodM

Cassette Filter

DAFC Hood with Cassette Filter Air Pollution Control System of specified size is primarily built, designed and engineered for use on Induction Furnace with specific size, melt rate capacities, connected power and type of charge used.

This system is intended to exhaust clean smoke filter the dust from smoke emitted by “Induction Furnace”. Same will be let-out into atmosphere through the stack at a height of 33 meters (or as per local pollution authority) from the ground level. System outlet emission will be less than 20 mgm/Nm3.