Alumin-SL Furnace

Alumin SL Furnace for Small Ferrous & Non Ferrous Foundries

Alumin-SL FurnaceInduction Furnaces

  • Ideal for relatively small ferrous and non ferrous foundries.
  • Available in capacities from 1 kg to 1000 kg.
  • Rigid furnace construction with aluminium side plates
  • And top &bottom castable refractory biocks.
  • Special coil insulation prevents inter turn sparking.
  • Coil supports maintain inter turn gap and enhance the Rigidity of the coil assembly.
  • Thick extruded rectangular section coils areUsed for higher electrical efficiency coupled with Coil strength and rigidity.
  • Stainless steel tie rods provide additional coil support.
  • Lower vibration resulting in longer refractory life.
  • Easier and faster installation.
  • Easier maintenance with minimum down time002E