Vibro Feeder

Vibro Feeder - Productivity Improvement Equipment

Vibro FeederProductivity Improvement Eq.

With the passage in time, as higher capacity and high power density furnaces are gaining popularity, it has been imperative to used relatively sized material that can be easily fed in to the furnace using a Vibro-Feeder or a vibratory feeder. When furnaces are fed at a controlled rate, power utilisation is maximum resulting into reduced power consumption per ton. A brief summary of vibro-feeder is as under…

  • Vibratory feeder is mounted on a trolley which moves on rails to feed the furnace.
  • A sturdily built hopper receives and stores the charge material to be fed to furnace
  • The feeder vibration ensures that the charge is well spread in the feeder and moves uniformly and smoothly into the furnace
  • Feeder vibration at a suitable frequency is achieved by unbalanced motors.
  • The design ensures minimal noise level during the charging process.
  • The feeder movement from charge loading point to melt furnace is smooth.
  • Power cable drag is strong and well designed to achieve longer life.