Moduler Billet Caster

Moduler Billet Caster - Continuous Casting Machine

Moduler Billet CasterBillet / Bloom Continuous Casting

Electrotherm took initiative to develop Modular and Compact Billet Casting Technology to meet needs of existing ingot making units willing to migrate to billet making and new mini steel plants. It is suitable for casting heat size as small as 5 ton and modules are available for casting section from 80 mm x 80 mm to 150 mm x 150 mm reduced operating cost and casters that are simple and safer to operate.

  • Complete “Melt to Cast Solutions”
  • Minimum transition time from existing ingot making to billet plant making almost without affecting existing plant productivity
  • The required casting platform size is 6 m x 9 m for single strand and suitable for existing ingot making plants
  • Flexibility of operating each strand independently for optimized caster usage according to availability of molten metal
  • Flexible configuration with possibility of up gradation and expansion by adding modules
  • Substantial saving due to reduced scale generation