Metal Refining Konverters (AOD)

Metal Refining Konverters (AOD) is in process

Metal Refining Konverters (AOD)Refining


Metal refining konvertor is used for making stainless steel of various grades. Molten Steel produced from Induction Furnace or Electric Arc Furnace is poured into ladle & is subsequently poured into the converter with the help of E.O.T. Crane. Before pouring the molten metal, some important parameters like its temperature & chemical composition are analyzed. Based on this analysis, molten steel is refined by addition of required alloys & fluxes. Inert gases are also blown into the converter simultaneously.


  • Decarburization
  • To make Stainless Steel grades, Alloy Steel Economically by using High Carbon Fe Alloy and Mild Steel Scrap/Sponge Iron.
  • This process is Air – Oxygen – Inert gas Decarburization (AOD) process, for making Stainless Steel out of mild steel, Mild Steel out of high Cast Iron Melt, and alloy steel economically.
  • PLC based Gas Mixing Station of MRK gives flow measurements compensated for pressure and temperature variation. This avoids, “over oxidation” of liquid metal.
  • Imported Transducer used for accurate flow and pressure measurement in Gas Mixing Station of MRK enables high turn down ratio which results in low process gas and refractory consumption and high recovery of alloying elements.
  • Use of dry air (-80o C dew point) as process gas reducing the cost of production.


  • PLC based MRK process control software uses unique blowing pattern selection system which reduces oxygen, nitrogen consumption and idle time during process.
  • Fully suspended drive mechanism to minimize vibration to the foundation and surrounding.
  • By-pass valve for safe operation.
  • Overall process display on touch screen HMI.
  • Recording facility helps improved traceability, quality, reliability and repeatability.
  • Printout of recorded data of gases and pressure help in monitoring each heat making process and composition.
  • Online costing of heat can be monitored from remote places.


  • Boiler quality MS plates are used for fabrication of MRK vessel which are stress relieved and  Ultrasonically tested welding joints.
  • Dual brakes provide greater safety. One brake is thruster type while other is spring applied air retract disk brake, which has faster response time.
  • Trunion ring and shaft are specially fabricated from special alloys and all welded portions are Completely X-ray scanned. Fume extraction and pollution control system is provided with PLC based controls of valves.
  • Planetary gear box has been used to optimize space.
  • Feeding system for continuous charging of Ferro alloys and scrap at a controlled ratio.
  • Torque arm is used to absorb vibration on foundation & gear box.
    Jerk – less rotation with angular position encoder.