ET Double –Track Plus

ET Double Track Plus - Double Output Power Supply for Furnace

ET Double –Track PlusPower Supply Units

ET Double-Track Plus is the most versatile double output power supply available in the market today. These systems allow simultaneous sharing of power between two furnaces in any ratio within the rated power. Infinite power sharing feature has the potential to increase the KVA utilization index by up to 25-30%. Field reports indicate an increased metal output of 25-30% with ET Double – Track Plus compared to single output power supplies.

The unique feature of ET Double-Track Plus is the capability of the system for sharing the power with standby (3rd) furnace, thus ensuring uninterrupted continuation of metal production even when one of the furnaces is under relining/sintering/maintenance. This feature makes ET Double-Track Plus a double output power supply in a real, complete and comprehensive sense of the word making it far superior than any of the competitive product. An ET Double-Track Plus is always a double track, nothing less. The seamless electronic integration completely eliminates need for any kind of mechanical switching for the selection of furnaces.

If need arises at any given point of time for a larger quantum of metal to be made available, power can be given to all the three crucibles simultaneously in the required ratio, within the limits of overall rated power, and the metal from all the three furnaces can be tapped at a time to ensure larger single batch of liquid metal.