E-Series - Power Supply Unit for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Foundries

E-SeriesPower Supply Units

The E series medium frequency power supplies have power ratings from 25 KW to 450 KW and frequency range of 200 Hz to 10000 Hz. These power supplies are ideally suited for relatively smaller ferrous and non ferrous foundries with ET ALUMIN SL furnaces of capacities up to 1000 Kg. The current fed inverter design results in higher inverter efficiency. Less number of power components and component types makes the system very simple. The fast electronic tripping devices protect the system in the event of short circuits.

Field reports indicate an improvement to the extent up to 7-8% in melt rates and energy consumption for E-Series power supply working in conjunction with ET ALUMIN SL furnaces. Easy to read system monitor board provides information on systems electric parameters and trouble shooting and maintenance. A fast acting and highly sensitive earth leak detector is provided for the optimum safety of operator and equipment.