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With the opening of barriers in international co-operation and implementation of new economic policy in India, there was a vast scope for industrial development in the country. Technically sound companies went global and competed with international giants. Electrotherm also expanded its horizon by striding into foreign markets and delivering internationally recognized equipments.

Being a research & development oriented company with future plans for backward and forward integration; Electrotherm has been recruiting Graduate/Post Graduate Engineers & Management students from premier institutes of India.

With highly skilled & qualified Electrical, Electronics and Metallurgy Engineers, Electrotherm is able to offer customers better productivity and value added products. At Electrotherm we take pride in having the largest Metallurgical Engineers team compared to any other Metallurgical equipment manufacturer in India.

“Family Electrotherm” comprises of professionals, broadly Mechanical Engineers, Electrical/Electronic Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, Industrial Engineers and skilled workmen. And unbelievably, more than 40% of the workforce of Electrotherm has spent more than a decade in this company!!